15 Totally Relatable Geocaching Memes on Pinterest

1. We’ve all been there

2. Sorry kids!

3. Always choose your PAFs carefully

4. Someone created a meme from my recent FTF!

5. Trying to explain your life to muggles

6. Good things come to those who wait. Apart from FTFs.

7. Silver lining

8. Sound advice

9. Things that make you go AARRRRGGHHHHH

10. Unless you’re doing a streak

11. Just give us a hint!

13. Geo-roadtrip anyone?

14. It’s good to stay active

15. My precious

For more great geocaching memes, check out my Pinterest Board:


Happy caching!


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15 thoughts on “15 Totally Relatable Geocaching Memes on Pinterest

  1. I’m a terrible PAF at times, my friends have to be desperate I reckon to message me. 😁
    And number 10, now the calendar is over the thrill of popping out for a few caches, not just one. Liberating! 😉

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      1. There’s such a variety of geocaching blogs around too, some really great ones! Have a look for washknight – geocaching blind. He has a great blog and also keeps a list of geocaching blogs!

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  2. I encountered #5 this weekend. I was out with 15 other geocachers on a 15km (according to the map) hike. (My phone said 21km). At one cache, we were passed by a number of other hikers going the other way and one asked me what we were looking for. When I said Geocaching, he asked if we were looking for money!

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