Looking for Inspiration? Check out these 21 Clever Geocaches on Pinterest

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If you’re looking for inspiration for your next geocache hide, then look no further than Pinterest! Lots of geocachers are pinning their own evil geocache hides, or caches that they’ve found in the wild. You’re sure to come across something that makes you do your evil cache owner laugh 😉

1. Trail marker with a twist 

2. Start collecting keys now

And get ready for some choice words from finders when it takes them an hour to figure out the right key!

3. This one is just downright mean

4. When is a stick not a stick?

When it’s a geocache, of course!

5. It’s so lifelike!

Just don’t go pulling at every nice flower you see 😉

6. A fake rock so big you won’t believe it’s fake!

7. Life’s a beach

Though maybe not if you spend hours looking for this evil hide!

8. Now that’s a fancy library cache

9. Excellent camo!

10. NOPE

11. A tricky cache and a unique logbook to boot

12. Awesome field puzzle

13. Missing bridge part? Replace with geocache 🙂

14. A ‘simple’ fake lock cache

15. A hider with a good eye found this hiding spot

 16. Tricky, very tricky

17. This one is unique 

18. The camo ability is strong in this one

19. Well played cache owner. Well played. 

20. Pretty sure I’d never find this one

21. Staring you in the face

What’s the trickiest cache you’ve ever found or hidden? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest too 🙂

Happy caching!


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