How to Geocache Like a Girl

What does it mean when someone says that you do something ‘like a girl’?

You throw like a girl.

You run like a girl.

You fight like a girl.

Unfortunately, describing anything as being done ‘like a girl’ usually carries negative connotations, and it’s about time that changed. What does it really mean to do something ‘like a girl’? I meet many female geocachers of all ages everywhere I go, and I can confirm that geocaching ‘like a girl’ actually means not being restricted by gender or regressive points of view, and generally being all-round remarkable and inspirational human beings!

The Geocaching Junkie - How to Geocache Like a Girl - International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day and this year the message is to #BeBoldForChange. Since I know there are such amazing female geocachers out there, doing awe-inspiring things, what better way to be bold and celebrate women’s achievements, than by showcasing some of these inspirational women and girls, and let them show you how to geocache like a girl!

1. Climb Trees 

2. Walk through Water 

3. Hike Trails 

4. Climb Mountains 

5. Go Kayaking

6. Go Night Caching 

7. Go Underground 

8. Dive

Helen Thompson with geodog Shylo

9. Go Caving 

10. Do Whatever Is Necessary To Find That Cache! 

So now you know how to geocache like a girl, get outside and be an inspiration yourself 🙂

How will you #BeBoldForChange? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Caching!


© 2017 | Sarah Murphy | All Rights Reserved

17 thoughts on “How to Geocache Like a Girl

  1. Trouble is I think like a girl and she’s there inside but I have gained more years than a girl which stops me getting to some of those caches. However, I still love geocaching. Love the photos.


  2. Great photos of places I recognise, of cachers I’ve seen in log books and places yet to be discovered. All wonderful inspirations to continue enjoying the great extremeness of it all.

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  3. In my experience, caching like a girl means persevering until you find it plus getting prickled and scraped in the process without moaning. I guess that may just be caching like a me, not a them!

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  4. I’ve done about half of those things while geocaching, and my very first FTF was a (surprise) tree climb, by myself, at 8am on a school day. The most fun I’ve had while caching are the day trips I take with my fellow “middle-aged” moms who love to crawl in tunnels, climb trees, and dig in the dirt. Our slogan? GGC! Girls Gotta Cache!!


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